Past each successive layer of petals you discover new joys and new worlds. Even as the old ones fade away, now too many orders of magnitude away from your current state to be perceived, you don't miss them. There's so much more to discover.\n\nYou're vaguely aware that you're being inverted, venturing deeper and deeper into the fractal such that your self is a tiny nub, and your genitalia are the all-encompassing space. With each iteration, you become smaller and smaller, the flower expanding ever outwards in all directions, until you can touch the very quantum fluctuations of reality.\n\nThis is [[pure bliss]].\n\n<<set $gender = "unfold">>
You feel light, yet strong.\n\n[[Breathe.|Once more]]
Reality starts to untwist around you, knots of shame and agony gently unravelling like the opening of a [[flower|Begin]].
<<silently>><<set $begin2 = 0>><<set $end = 0>><<endsilently>>\nAll your life you have lived within the binary. The unambiguous, wherein deep lines are scored between black and white, body and body. Those bodies that do not fall neatly on one side are cut through, rendered invalid. It is a harsh way of life.\n\nLong have you yearned to marry it with the emotional, the subjective. There are so many possibilities for interpretation. But dissent is dangerous, and it's never seemed like the right time.\n\nUntil now.\n\n[[Break out of gender prison|Breakout]]
For perverting the course of gender, you've been sentenced to thirty years of hard labour. It was just a little experimentation with androgyny, really, nothing much. The gender police felt differently.\n\nHere, only the most traditional expressions of gender are allowed. If your body is ambiguous, the sheer stifling squelch of stagnated sex energies around you will force it back into a more proper mold. But they can't force your mind. You know the secret to escaping your incarceration. It's as simple as imagination, something the gender police don't have.\n\nNow that you have nothing to lose, you realise it's always been so simple. The thought makes you feel powerful.\n\nYou gather your focus into the center of your being, and close your eyes.\n\n[[Breathe.]]
You slowly fall to the lower realms of gender stagnancy. You feel a chill at being removed from your perfect environment, but the warm glow of creation around you congeals and hardens into impermeable armour, capable of deflecting all attempted blows to your sense of self.\n\nAs you drift through the atmosphere, you see the cold, grey walls of Binary City beneath you, encased in a thick haze of smog.\n\n[[(S) Descend.]]
Sure, alright.\n\nYou touch down on grey concrete, the dust scoured from its surface by the hurricane-force winds that accompany your arrival. Symbols of your former imprisonment blow by you: G.I. Joe comics. A fedora. A pink Easy-Bake oven. They are nothing to you now.\n\nYou are ready to fuck up some gender binaries but good.\n\nThe Binary City Gender Correctional Centre looms over you, ominous and oppressive.\n\n[[Lay the smackdown]]\n\n<<loopsound "">>
It's a cool concept, but there's not much you can do with a missile and no targets. You need someone to play with.\n\nThankfully, in the void that is also the birthplace of all things, such a person is easy to find. You have only to think, and you become aware of shadow-embodiments of the Patriarchal Force all around you, their faces ghoul-like and distended.\n\nYou face them and start firing off missiles, sublime pleasures wracking your body as each makes contact with its target. Their bodies explode in wild spurts of glitter, bloodless and decadent, and each vanishes with an expression of pure release. //Thank you,// they seem to be saying. //You have freed me.//\n\nYou dance in the glitter, twirling weightlessly through the cosmos, rubbing it all over your face, your chest, your thighs. Where it touches, it fizzes and dissolves, sending bright sensations through your skin.\n\n[[MORE DAKKA]]
<<set $begin2 = $begin2 + 1>><<if $begin2 eq 1>>You are floating.<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin2">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $begin2 eq 2>>You are floating.\n\nThe nulliparous void convulses lazily around you.<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin2">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $begin2 eq 3>>You are floating.\n\nThe nulliparous void convulses lazily around you. You feel its birth pangs lapping at your fringes.<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin2">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $begin2 eq 4>>You are floating.\n\nThe nulliparous void convulses lazily around you. You feel its birth pangs lapping at your fringes.\n\nIt is time.<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin2">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $begin2 eq 5>>You are floating.\n\nThe nulliparous void convulses lazily around you. You feel its birth pangs lapping at your fringes.\n\nIt is time.\n\nTime to participate in your own glorious [[rebirth|Rebirth]].\n<<endif>><<endif>>
<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin">><<start_timer 3>>
<<set $end = $end + 1>><<if $end eq 1>>''END''<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "end">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $end eq 2>>''END''\n\n<html><h2>Escape from Gender Prison</h2></html><<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "end">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $end eq 3>>''END''\n\n<html><h2>Escape from Gender Prison</h2></html> has been<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "end">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $end eq 4>>''END''\n\n<html><h2>Escape from Gender Prison</h2></html> has been\n\na Twine game by [[Spanglypants|]]<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "end">><<start_timer 5>><<endif>><<if $end eq 5>>''END''\n\n<html><h2>Escape from Gender Prison</h2></html> has been\n\na Twine game by [[Spanglypants|]]\n\nTHANK YOU FOR PLAYING<<endif>><<endif>>
The song is all there is. In fact, it occurs to Core that the song is all there ever was, and all life was just manifestations of this continual unfolding.\n\nCore is beyond all notions of genitalia; Core is aware of the concept, dimly, as humans are aware of the notion of bacteria that move upon the earth yet never see them.\n\nTo Core it is just one more infinitesimal vibration within the endlessly undulating waveform of the song.\n\nThis is [[pure bliss]].\n\n<<set $gender = "warmer">>
It's a cool concept, but tearing into yourself can only take you so far. You need someone to play with.\n\nThankfully, in the void that is also the birthplace of all things, such a person is easy to find. You have only to think, and all around you, your perfect-- and perfectly willing-- playmates pop into being, still radiant in the soft glow of their creation from nothing.\n\nYou move towards the first, blades vibrating with anticipation. Your playmate closes the distance, resting their hands on your shoulders as they press their crotch against your hungry deathscythes.\n\nTheir lower body explodes in a dazzling shower of glitter. You fuck harder, and the rest of them follows, disintegrating into a shimmering cloud that, before it disperses, still holds an impression of the beatific smile it wore only moments ago.\n\n[[More.]]
<<if $gender eq "unfold">>You unfold your many fractal layers, encompassing the building within your voluminous petals. At this level of reality, such a crude structure can no longer exist, and the walls dissolve into glitter.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "explode">>You open fire on the prison, the walls exploding into shrapnel that dissolves harmlessly on contact with your glitter aura.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "warmer">>You reconnect with the song all around you, transforming yourself into a nexus for vibrations that radiate out in all directions, shattering the walls of the prison.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "fiercer">>You fly up and slam your crotch repeatedly against the prison wall, your knife-genitalia slicing through the very fabric of its imperfect reality and shattering it into a million crystal shards.<<endif>>\n\nGuards rush from the devastated building, firing on you, but your armour deflects all blows. <<if $gender eq "unfold">>You extend one tendril from within your flower-fractal and bat them harmlessly away, glitterizing them on contact. Those who run are caught up as you delve further into the core of your being, expanding your petals' reach and neatly scooping them off their feet, transmogrifying them as they roll helpless towards your central nub. Those who make it that far erupt from your core in a spurt of gender-liberated pollen, then vanish as they ascend to the next cosmic stage.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "explode">>You fire a missile directly into the heart of a guard, your body shuddering with ecstatic release. The others turn to run, but you give chase, laughing joyously as your crotch pumps out heat-seeking rockets that slam into the ground, the trees, the guards, evaporating everything they touch in a gush of cosmic bliss.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "warmer">>You strike down the guards by vibrating their internal organs at such a frequency that they can no longer sustain their existence. The mortal plane relinquishes them, and they ascend to the cosmic, your Core accepting their new and liberated songs into itself and vibrating them across the universe for all to hear.<<endif>><<if $gender eq "fiercer">>You land and approach them with a menacing smile, then pull them against your blade crotch each in turn, dispersing them into glitter with a violent pelvic thrust.\n\nAt first, those not yet captured start to flee, but after seeing the looks of sheer ecstasy on their comrades' faces, many of them reconsider. Soon, the guards are lining up before you to be fucked into oblivion by your god(dess)ly maw.\n\nAnd you love every minute of it.<<endif>>\n\nA ringing blow impacts the side of your head, sending you dizzy. You didn't get all of them! [[Oops]].
The fizzing intensifies, and you notice that everywhere the glitter touched, smaller cannons are bursting forth from your skin, misting the void with silver sparkles.\n\nYou now possess your own personal aura of glitter and a patriarchy-pummelling crotch-mounting missile launcher, and there's so much injustice in the world to smash.\n\nThis is [[pure bliss]].\n\n<<set $gender = "explode">>
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The light in you begins to partially soldify, forming large, glowing petals that curl up protectively over the space between your thighs. Each is translucent, and, you find, both soft and pleasurable to the touch.\n\nAs you explore each petal with your fingers, you feel the warmth inside you begin to intensify its advances, sending out tendrils to probe every fibre of your being. As it strengthens its possession of your body, the flower's petals thicken and deepen in colour until they appear completely opaque.\n\nYou feel something behind them, a small nub pushing insistently. With a tremor in your breathing and great care, you unfurl each petal and pull them back, revealing what lies at the centre: a second flower, waiting to bloom.\n\n[[Explore.]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]
You need more. //God//, you need more. Disassembling that one playmate in an orgasmic splash of glitter, feeling their last ecstatic breath of life across your face as the cosmic particles swirled in its vortex...\n\nYou want to give this gift to everyone.\n\nAll around you people gather, like bees to a honeycomb, and your caresses bring deliverance. You are Instrumentality. You are the giant/ess Eve, fucking everything back into the undifferentiated space, the primordial womb.\n\nYou are creating Nirvana over and over with each thrust of your hips, each climax that runs through you giving birth to a new paradise.\n\nThis is [[pure bliss]].\n\n<<set $gender = "fiercer">>
The pulsing in your crotch begins to deepen, even out into something more resembling a steady heartbeat. Calmer. Smoother. As if it's matured, knowing its purpose.\n\nA diffuse yet powerful light begins to spread from what was once a chasm, the starstuff within brightening to an intensity that fills the whole... room? Space? There's no accurate descriptor for where you are. You are everywhere and nowhere. Your surroundings are now filled with light, slowly cycling through the colour spectrum, flooding from the core of your sexual being.\n\nIt's so warm.\n\nYou want more.\n\n[[You want to unfold.|Unfold.]]\n\n[[You want to explode.|Explode.]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]
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You focus on the space between your legs: a howling abyss, filled with untapped potential. Its soft, insistent thrumming works its way through your whole body, gathering around your thighs, pooling in your abdomen, sending jolts of pleasure and need through your spinal cord to your brain. You can feel it writhing in anticipation. It longs to become.\n\nWhat will it do?\n\n[[Glow]]\n\n[[Flicker]]
<html><h1>Escape From Gender Prison</h1></html>\n\n<<display "Timer Addon">><<set_timer_mode "display">><<set_timer_param "begin2">><<start_timer 8>>
This game uses sound. Please make sure it's turned on.<html><br><br></html>
Thankfully, do-overs are easy in the primordial void of creation.\n\n[[Rebirth]]
The first few gems, hard as diamond and wickedly barbed, tear through the guard's torso armour. The next round flays his skin. The third sends a shower of rainbow studs directly into his lower intestine, the sheer concentration of gender witchery overpowering his immune system and sending him into shock.\n\nHe collapses to the floor, Bedazzled(TM).\n\nWith the guards defeated and the walls disintegrated, the prison population begins to [[pour out into the streets|Embrace]].
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Escape From Gender Prison
Out of one of your hatches pours a legion of tiny Nice Guys, conveniently designed to disentegrate after successful deployment. They cluster around the guard, whispering their tales of woe.\n\n"She invited me out to dinner, but then she said we were just //friends!//"\n\n"She just keeps saying she's looking for someone who'll respect her. Why can't she just wise up and understand that //I// could do that, the dumb bitch?"\n\n"She TRICKED me by having a genital configuration that didn't perfectly match my binary standards!"\n\nAs the guard is distracted, his attention devoted to sympathizing with his fellows, you walk up beside him and shank him in the stomach.\n\nThe Nice Guys, their job complete, vanish in a puff of smoke.\n\nWith the guards defeated and the walls disintegrated, the prison population begins to [[pour out into the streets|Embrace]].
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You could lose yourself in this feeling forever, but you must struggle to pull yourself back to awareness.\n\nDown there, at a lesser level of this cosmic infinite, there are others suffering as you once did.\n\nEven if you have escaped from gender prison, countless others still languish under the thumb of a prison-state designed to smother their identities. You might be free, but your siblings are in chains. That simply won't do.\n\n[[Time to shake things up.]]
The light begins to harden and coalesce, first liquefying, sloshing around in you like liquid mercury that coats the walls of the chasm and then begins to solidify. The glow is still so bright, eye-burningly bright, and so you feel it before you see it: a heaviness between your thighs and deeper, towards your womb, a pressure mounting as the light-child grows.\n\nYou begin to experience this new formation with something like a sixth sense. It's wired into your nervous system and, instinctively, you know how to use it. It's not something you ever could have imagined having down there-- well, no, there was that time you watched //Tank Girl// and felt a thrill at the thought of straddling that massive cannon; but this is something that you control.\n\nA squeeze of muscles you never knew you had, and you feel the pressure in you build to nigh-unbearable levels, then release all at once in a flash and a burst. Your crotch has just become one mean, obscene missile-firing machine. \n\nIt's kind of awesome, you think, basking dreamily in the afterglow.\n\n[[Fire all cannons]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]
You fire up the Easy-Bake and high-intensity heat waves blast from your arm cannon, charring the guard to a blackened heap of bones.\n\nWow, they were right. That //was// easy.\n\nWith the guards defeated and the walls disintegrated, the prison population begins to [[pour out into the streets|Embrace]].
The swirling starstuff begins to resolve itself into skin and steel. You're sort of relieved: staring into that cosmic chasm was pretty, but it was starting to give you a headache.\n\nA smooth, dark mound of flesh, the colours of distant nebulae as seen through NASA telescopy, covers your crotch, and from it emerge two rows of tiny, glowing nubs, like stars. Encased in metallic sheaths, they protrude when touched, flickering curiously like the eyes of some naive alien, eager to learn and explore.\n\nFirst contact feels amazing.\n\nYou want more.\n\n[[Warmer.]]\n\n[[Fiercer.]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]
You allow your being to spiral deeper into the song, dissolving your ego within a polyphony of vibrations. Each chord tugs at different aspects of your being, drawing them out and away, devouring them in one last passionate kiss until only Core is left.\n\nCore is not you. There is no longer a you. Core is the awareness of a particular focal point within the universe, and its intimate connection to all other points. Where moments ago your body was a musical instrument, Core is one note in a universal composition, and the knowledge of all notes that come before and after.\n\nYou are no longer the instrument. You are the song.\n\n[[Deeper]]
Power focuses.\n\n[[Breathe.|Again]]
You embrace the people as they run to you, transforming them with your glitter aura. As they touch you, they disappear from the mortal realm to ascend to the infinite, their tears of joy or gasps of pleasure captured momentarily in the cloud of sparkles they leave behind.\n\nYou crack you knuckles, already looking ahead to your next target.\n\nOne prison down.\n\n[[The rest of society to go.|end]]
You narrowly dodge a gas grenade, tumbling and rolling away from the conformity explosion. Within its area, you see the world begin to warp back to the way it was, consensus reality reasserting itself with a shuddering groan.\n\nThankfully the blast radius was small. Your armour's undamaged, its sparkly coating merely scuffed and scratched. As you examine it, you notice that it also happens to come with a number of useful attachments.\n\nThe guard is rushing you. What'll it be?\n\n[[Disembowelment by Bedazzler(TM) gun|Disembowel]]\n\n[[Release the miniature Nice Guys|Nice Guys]]\n\n[[Pick up the Easy-Bake Oven and slap it onto your Artillerizer 5000 arm-mounted cannon|Artillerize]]
You run a finger over the second flower, and it too unfurls, revealing a third flower at its core. Your fingers pry open that to reveal a fourth, and a fifth, each more exquisitely sensitive than the last. It's pleasure all the way down.\n\nThrough the haze of sensations you idly wonder how so much can be contained within such a small space, but then you realise: the chasm that once nestled between your thighs was infinite. And you, too, are descending into infinite space, delving into a new, pristine layer of reality with each unfolding.\n\nThe petals of the first flower are all around you now, a glowing-pink, protective cocoon.\n\n[[Deeper.]]
The light begins to harden and coalesce, first liquefying, sloshing around in you like liquid mercury that coats the walls of the chasm and then begins to solidify. The glow is still so bright, eye-burningly bright, and so you feel it before you see it: a heaviness between your thighs and deeper, towards your womb, a pressure mounting as the light-child grows.\n\nSuddenly and without warning, pain spikes through you as countless steel blades slice up through your labia, coating your thighs with blood and other fluids. They glint menacingly, yet even as you observe them, the pain fades to something more like a dull, contented glow.\n\nTentatively, you reach a hand down and run it over the blades. It comes away torn and bloody, yet you feel only pleasure as droplets of your blood splash down onto your chest, each drop sending ripples of sweet sensation out from its point of impact.\n\nWell. This is strangely awesome.\n\n[[Play with your new toy]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]
Each of the nubs suddenly pops, revealing a tiny flower that unfurls in a splash of coloured light. Green, pink, blue, red: \neach has its own hue, and its own strange frequency when touched, a silent symphony that spirals through your veins. By touching them in varying patterns, you can play endless different vibration-songs upon the strings of your corporeality.\n\nIt feels like you've been turned into the grandest concert hall in the galaxy, and the acoustics are stunning.\n\nYou are a garden of internal music.\n\n[[Go deeper]]\n\n[[Wait-- I've changed my mind.|Change mind]]